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How to filter iOS screenshots in iPhoto

1: From the File menu, choose New Smart Album

2: For the name, type “iOS Screenshots” or something descriptive

3: For the variables, enter Filename > ends with > png and choose ok


Most of your iOS screenshots will now appear in iPhoto.  To delete photos from a smart album, you’ll need to hold down cmd+option+delete.

lifeofsacrifice: Happy Pi Day 2013!


In previous years, I usually celebrate Pi Day by making Pi shaped chocolates (2011, 2012) using an ice cube tray purchased on ThinkGeek. This year I decided to switch it up and make some yummy apple pie Pi shaped cookies. They came out amazing!!


What you need:

- Pi…

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Remove Duplicate Bookmarks in Safari

So, Sarah’s computer had a bunch of duplicate bookmarks due to an ancient error in MobileMe. Since then, we’ve moved to Lion, and now Mountain Lion.  She hasn’t used bookmark syncing since then and has over 39 thousand duplicates.

I found a tool called Safari Prairiefire that will scan and remove duplicate bookmarks in Safari.  It also scans your bookmarks for dead links and offers to remove those as well.


- Joseph

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How to find Awesome New Music on @Rdio!

Step 1: Find a unique album that not many people have heard:

Step 2: Click the “Playlists” button:
Step 3: Ignore the playlists that have Skrillex album art or say Michael Jandron as the publisher

Step 4: Enjoy!

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Ford EVOS Concept iChat + Rdio for Mac: a union at last


Today, Rdio for Mac was updated to v1.11 with some basic AppleScript support. This is great news. Yesterday I worked on a little script using Python and the Rdio API that would retrieve the name of the track that was somewhat-recently played and updates your iChat status accordingly (using an…

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Pioneer AppRadio (App Radio) Video Tutorials

General Settings Menu:


Audio Settings:

Tuner Functions:

iPod Control:

Bluetooth Pairing:

Clock Settings:

Steering Wheel Controls:

Background Settings:

Screen Saver:

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Laser Seam Welding vs Spot Welding

Electronic Drums Have Gotten So Advanced!

This is a demo of the Yamaha DTX900 series.  They have Textured Cellular Silicone (T.C.S) surfaces that make the pads feel like a real drum.   Each XP pad is also equipped with a shock absorber, so you don’t have to hold back when you play.

The drums are incredibly sensitive and responsive to how you play and perfectly emulate real acoustic drums.  These really are quite incredible.

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